We are going to Sweden: The first presentation of our project will be at the "Innovation in Music" Conference at the Royal College of Music, Stockholm, 24-26 March 2022. We will present insights from our composition and pre-production phases in a presentation titled "Contemporary Approaches to Producing Heaviness: Exploring the Structure/Performance/Production Relationship through Practice-Led Research". Stay tuned for the release of our project song and another article publication!


We are almost finished with the project song: bass and orchestration are done, only some growled vocals are still missing.

While you are waiting for the song to be released, check out our latest article in which we analyse approaches to mixing metal music and the extent of standardisation in current practice. You can access the article here:


We are making good progress on our project song. Drums, guitars and most vocals are recorded, next are bass, orchestration and the remaining vocals. Everything is sounding great! Look out for the song and the (re-)mix pack, which we will upload in September on this website.

We have also finished a book chapter on the origins of heaviness in metal productions between 1970 and 1995 for the Cambridge Companion to Metal Music, forthcoming by Cambridge University Press.


First publication: Our first research article has just been published (open access) in Rock Music Studies. The article examines the sometimes perceived standardisation in metal music production, focusing on the engineering/recording side of metal production. We find that this view is an oversimplification and fails to acknowledge the necessary and ongoing experimentation that leading metal producers have engaged in throughout much of their careers. You can check out the whole article here.


Mark has launched a fundraising campaign to help UK live music technicians during the coronavirus pandemic   (see

A modified version of the fundraising song, written and performed by internationally renowned metal musicians, will be our project song, mixed by leading metal producers. We plan to make the final recordings in the summer when hopefully it is possible to use studios again.

We also have been busy on the research side of things. Four articles are currently in the making that all examine creativity in recording and mixing metal music and analyse what constitutes heaviness in recorded form. Stay tuned for updates!


Our project has been featured in the Huddersfield University  News


The project has started! We are thrilled to finally begin our research on heaviness in metal music production, which is scheduled for the next three years. Please check for updates regularly and use the resources (e.g. literature recommendations) already provided.